Blueline Park: Welcome to Blueline Park, Haeundae.

Beach Train & Sky Capsule Visitor's Guide
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▶ Passengers with an Online Reservation


· Passengers who made an online reservation may directly go to the platform without the on-site ticket issuance.

 (Beach Train platform on 1F / Sky Capsule platform on 2F)




▶ Beach Train Guide


· Priority boarding is provided for online reservations and on-site ticket issuance at the reserved boarding time.
   (Boarding closes 10 minutes before the departure time.)


· Passengers with the double-ride and 1 day pass need to wait in line if reboarding the train in order to be considerate of others who will board the train for the first time that day. Please note that the waiting time may be longer on weekends and holidays due to the increased influx of passengers.


· Arriving after 30 minutes of the departure time may restrict the boarding. (No refund)


· The boarding time is designated for the initial departure of the 1 day pass.


· A one-day pass allows a 1-time reboarding of every station.


· No seats are assigned for any persons in the Beach Train, and the passengers may stand if all seats are occupied.




 Sky Capsule Guide


· The Sky Capsule schedule signifies that the passengers may board during the designated time period by the order of arrival. The start and end time of the schedule does not refer to the departure and arrival time.


· The boarding time may be delayed on the weekends and holidays.


(E.g.) For reserving the boarding time 11:00~11:30, you may board between 11:00~11:30. Boarding is restricted after 11:30, and the trip takes 30 minutes from 11:30. (Please note if reserving the Beach Train after riding the Sky Capsule.)