HaeundaeSky Capsule

Blueline Park: Welcome to Blueline Park, Haeundae.

A romantic experience facility where you can enjoy
the Haeundae coastal scenery of beauty from 7 to 10m up in the air

Haeundae Sky Capsule is a romantic capsule that automatically runs along 2km section from Haeundae Mipo to Cheongsapo
While viewing the mysterious coastal scenery of beauty from 7 to 10m up in an aerial rail

Route Run along 2.0Km section fromMipo to Cheongsapo (Automatically)
Ticketing KioskLocation Mipo Station, Cheongsapo Station
Unmanned Ticketing MachineLocation Mipo Station, Cheongsapo Station
Scale 80 units (4 persons)/Double lines in place
Average Speed 5km/h (Running time is 30 minutes/One way)
Departure→Destination (One way) Mipo→Cheongsapo
(One way) Cheongsapo→Mipo
(Round trip) Mipo→Cheongsapo→Mipo
(Round trip) Cheongsapo→Mipo→Cheongsapo
DepartureAddress(Click) Mipo(Station), Cheongsapo(Station)